Survivor Fitness Helps Cancer Survivors Rebuild Hope and Strength

Cancer survivor Aaron Grunke founded Nashville nonprofit Survivor Fitness Foundation after he experienced firsthand the frustrating lack of post-treatment support. Survivor Fitness provides a safe and welcoming environment for cancer survivors to become stronger and healthier as well as rebuild hope. Their program, 101 Days Back to Life, provides 14 weeks of personal training and nutritional support.

aaron-grunke-survivor-fitness“As a young cancer survivor, I quickly learned that I wasn’t capable of the physical activity that I could easily handle just two years earlier,” Aaron says. He tried working out again on his own but realized after a few years that he needed the help of a professional trainer.

Aaron notes that while medical professionals may provide much-needed support during treatment, once the cancer is gone there is a lack of support and the transition from patient to survivor can be a lonely one. Fighting cancer has an extreme effect on one’s body and physical health. With no clue what to do or where to begin, most survivors are left hopeless and disappointed about overcoming the physical and emotional aftermath of cancer. In order to truly win the fight against cancer, survivors need support far beyond their doctor’s office.

What makes Survivor Fitness unique as a nonprofit is that the organization’s board of directors also serve as the volunteer staff. “This is a true entrepreneurial venture that started from an idea on a legal pad.  I pitched the idea to my wife Meg and sought out friends with unique skill sets to start the foundation. We rolled up our sleeves to build this into what it is today,” Aaron says. Applicants are asked to pay what they can toward the cost of the program.

Aaron wants people to know there is life after cancer. “Survivor Fitness is here to help! If you or someone you know recently finished cancer treatment and are ready to regain strength and wellness please check out We’d love to be the next chapter in your journey.”

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