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Padrino’s Fresh Fruit Pops Bring Taste of Mexico to Nashville

Looking for a refreshing treat this summer that is light and not full of sugar? Padrino’s Pops are fruity and creamy Mexican Paletas hand made and inspired by family tradition by entrepreneur Lorena Mendoza Cantu. Lorena is a third generation paleta maker, following in her grandfather and father’s footsteps by owning and operating her own paleteria here in Music City.

PadrinosPadrino’s mobile carts and truck can be found out and about in the Nashville area at festivals and events and locations such as the Franklin Farmers Market, Nolensville Farmers Market and Paddle Up Nashville. You can also book Padrino’s Pops to set up at your next event, from baby showers to birthday parties. Padrino’s Pops are a fun and healthier alternative to cake and ice cream and who doesn’t love a cart full of fresh paletas? The refreshing and sometimes one-of-a-kind lineup of flavors includes many varieties available year round, such as pistachio, mango, cucumber, cantaloupe, chocolate and lime, as well as seasonal flavors like pumpkin pie and peppermint. They are also a budget friendly treat at just $3 a pop.

Both her grandfather, Jose Mendoza, and her father, Geronimo Mendoza, owned paleterias.  As a girl, Cantu helped her dad in the paleteria, learning the business inside and out. However it’s much easier to make paletas in America, Cantu says. In Mexico, the water has to go through extensive and expensive filtration to be used in paletas. “We’re in America, we have good water,” Cantu says.  “Everything is handmade, everything is fresh.” Her fruit paletas are made with in-season fruit and water, and, in some cases, sugar. The cream paletas varieties are simply made as well with fruit and cream, and occasionally sugar.

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