The Importance of A Wedding Day Coordinator

Your wedding day should be a day to remember fondly and to celebrate joining your life with the one you love. But too often, the day is filled with stress over worrying about how the details of that day will come together. This stress and planning should not be left to the bride or groom, but rather to a personal concierge whose responsibility is to deal with all the on-site jobs and tasks that need to be done to make your day successful. Julie Hullett Concierge provides personal concierge services to couples on their wedding day, often eliminating the need to hire an event planner.

What Does a Personal Concierge Do?

The tasks performed can vary greatly depending on the size and type of wedding you are having. Services include handling all the on-site coordination of the decor, staff, guests, and basic care to ensure that your event is successful. Most importantly, the concierge’s role is to ensure peace of mind for the bride, groom and their families.

Benefits of the Service

Using a day of coordination service allows you to fully enjoy your day without worrying about all of the things that may sneak up and surprise you. This service works wonders for couples who want to be ‘in the moment’ and still have everything come together on their big day. Using this type of service also means that a personal touch is given to every detail to ensure that the vision for your special day is realized. This service is ideal for those who don’t want to be involved in all the tiny, but numerous, decisions that still need to be made on the day of your wedding.

Working with Julie Hullett Concierge, LLC.

Julie Hullett Concierge was created to offer many different services to clients around the Nashville area. Julie has an eye for detail that translates well to helping coordinate events, and especially weddings, to ensure they go off without a hitch. Clients who work with Julie can take advantage of her organizational skills that help to make your special day memorable and stress-free. Using a day of coordination service like Julie Hullett Concierge provides helps to provide peace of mind so that your focus can be on the enjoyment of the day, rather than the pressure that comes along with making sure everything goes as planned.

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