I Have A Proposal

So you’ve finally decided. You’re going to propose to her. You’ve been thinking about it for a while now, and you’ve come to the place where you know this is what you truly want. I mean, she’s perfect. Beautiful, funny, talented, kind….and smart. Man, is she smart! The way she figures things out – it’s almost uncanny! Which poses a problem for you. How are you going to stage this marriage proposal so that she is actually taken by surprise??

Well, did you know that a personal concierge can be a big help with a knotty problem such as yours?

An experienced concierge has seen it all. They have booked all sorts of travel for all sorts of clients over time, and they know the most romantic out-of-the-way places imaginable. They have worked with photographers and videographers, should you wish to have the event recorded, and have helped clients plan and pack for all kinds of travel experiences. So getting clothing secretly packed for a surprise jaunt is never an impossibility, with a personal concierge lending a hand. Tickets and transportation can be ready to go, as well, with a concierge on board.

Do you want to pop the question before a crowd of your nearest and dearest friends and family? And do they live at the four corners of the Earth these days? Your concierge can arrange their travel and arrivals and hide them away at area hotels or an Airbnb until the big day. A personal concierge can also arrange transportation to the proposal venue or site to spring them on your beloved at the appropriate moment!

Speaking of that venue, well…you are asking the most amazing person you have ever known to share life with you, and you want your proposal to be different than anyone else’s, ever, right? Maybe you’re thinking about staging the event on a private yacht. Or in a log cabin before a roaring fire. Perhaps she’s a beach lover, and you’ve always thought that some torches on the sand waiting for the two of you would be a good way to thrill her? Or maybe you’ve fantasized about having a message written in the sky by a plane during the big game….”Will You Marry Me”??

Julie Hullett Concierge can have everything taken care of hush-hush and behind-the-scenes on this most special and precious of days. That way, all you have to do is worry about the answer.


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