We think it’s safe to say that everyone has a love/hate relationship with the holiday season.

We love shopping for gifts, doing the party rounds, dressing up, entertaining, and all the activities and programs at our places of worship.

We also hate all of the above. Well, maybe “hate” is too strong a word. But we sure get worn out.

Perhaps now would be a good time to plan a rest-and-relaxation vacation as an antidote to the holiday hangover! But how? Who has the time for that during all of this holiday busyness?

Enlisting the help of a personal concierge for this particular project can enable you to have your cake and eat it, too. You can expend all your energy making the holidays wonderful for everyone you love and appreciate, all the while knowing that your concierge is working behind the scenes on your behalf, whipping up a traveling cocktail of beaches, entertainment, excellent food, and relaxation for you to enjoy after it’s all over.

An experienced concierge will be able to handle your flights, hotel, and dining options; if you want to spend time on side trips like snorkeling, visiting historical sights, or enjoying a spa day, you can consider it done.

Do you have hotel points or frequent flier miles that need to be applied? Do you want to have your entertainment or excursion tickets pre-purchased? Perhaps there is a world-class restaurant on your travel bucket list, and reservations months in advance are a must? Your concierge only has to be given the direction, and you can have confidence that all your wishes will be fulfilled.

A concierge with extensive travel experience will know where to find the best deals and will have a network of travel industry contacts that they can access to make your holiday hangover retreat absolute perfection. Are you thinking of an out-of-the-way boutique hotel in a romantic spot on a South Pacific island? Did it cross your mind that tickets to the hottest Broadway play might be just the thing? Or perhaps you were toying with the idea of a sailboat on the Mediterranean? Your concierge will know just how to put together that dream vacation.

And after all the craziness has passed, you could find yourself somewhere wonderful, congratulating yourself on a perfect 2017 holiday season, and sending up a toast to the fact that you survived.

Oh, and the fact that you were wise enough to engage a personal concierge. Good job! Salud!


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