It’s the beginning of October, and we’ve turned the corner; holiday season is upon us. Just for a minute, we can be excused for wondering where the year went. It seems like only yesterday we were packing the car for the annual family vacation at the beach, and now it’s time to think about gift giving, cooking, entertaining, and all the other obligations that go along with having a “happy holiday season”.

Don’t get us wrong; the holidays are wonderful. Most people consider this to be their favorite time of the year. But have you ever noticed that while we spend so much time and energy taking care of all the things that simply “must be done” to create a magical holiday season for everyone else, we somehow often miss creating that same experience for ourselves?

Does January bring you a sense of relief (although you might never admit it)? Do you stumble through the last three months of the year exhausted, stressed, and worried? Do you honestly dread the very idea of even starting that holiday to-do list?

Well, let’s do something a bit different this go round. Bring a personal concierge on board to lend a hand or two in your holiday endeavors!

Greeting card list a mile long? No worries. A concierge can get that done for you, and have every card in the mail BEFORE the United States Postal Service says they should be! What about that holiday get together for all your friends and neighbors that somehow draws more people every year? Not a problem! Your concierge will be able to organize the house cleaning, the food service, the decorations, and the invitations! And anything else you think of at the very last minute. You’ll be greeting your guests the night of the event looking relaxed and rested, and able to focus on those you love, enjoying every precious moment of their company at this special time of year.

A professional personal concierge is experienced and equipped to help with gifting, which is most people’s greatest challenge when it comes to the holidays. You can send your concierge to shop on your behalf with a list of names and suggestions, and have complete confidence that the perfect gift will be found, wrapped, and in the right place at the right time for each and every person on that list.

There really are no limits to the ways in which a personal concierge can be a benefit to you, especially at this time of year. But perhaps the most wondrous benefit of all is returning to you the magic of your holidays. Cheers! Here’s to happy holidays.

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