Break For Spring

Business owners move into the new year refreshed and rejuvenated by the precious hours of peace and relaxation the holidays can afford. For just a few days, business slows down, and the world takes a deep breath, reflecting on the past year with gratitude and thankfulness. Then we hit the ground running! Planning sessions, strategy meetings, motivating your team as they implement those new ideas, researching trends… Everyone is racing to get established for the next terrific year; surely it will be the best yet!

Exhausting work. Could it be that you are already thinking about spring break?? Of course you are. Because you know that, as hard as you are working right now, you will totally deserve that break in just a few short weeks.

Give your personal concierge a call and get that ball rolling, too! When you have a minute to relax your mind, give some thought to where you would like to be as the weather starts to warm up again. New York? There are some great plays running this year. Japan? Those cherry trees are stunning! Bora Bora? Warm sand and a dip in the sea any time of the day or night… sounds delicious. Considering a staycation in Nashville? Do you really know your own home town as well as you would like? Julie Hullett Concierge can start working on your itinerary right now to ensure your vacation expectations are met and exceeded.

Of course, leaving home for a week presents a whole new set of logistical concerns. What about your pets? You know your pup hates the kennel, so you’ll need to find a professional dog-walker or a reliable house sitter to take care of your furbaby while you are away, and it needs to be someone you can trust. And then there’s all that food that will need to be cleared out of the fridge. It’s going to be time to touch base with the landscaper, too, and see about getting the yard set for the growing season. Do you have aging parents nearby who need looking in on every now and again? Every one of these concerns, and any others your active and take-charge mind dreams up, can be handled from start to finish by Julie Hullett Concierge.

Our business is your business and we care about what matters to you. Make sure that on your to-do list for the new year you add a consultation with your personal concierge to talk about that break you will have coming to you not so very long from now. You’ll deserve it!!

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