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Executive Director: Cathy Gurley

Unfortunately, all of us will eventually come in contact with people who have been impacted by violent crime. In 2012, the Tennessee Law Enforcement Agency reported over 41,500 violent crimes in Tennessee. You have the Power (YHTP) was founded by former First Lady, Andrea Conte, who was a victim of crime, herself,  in 1993. Their mission is to educate, advocate and empower people and communities who are impacted by violent crime. Information and prevention are the cornerstone of the organization and they bring people together to determine what can be done by people whose lives have been touched by violent crime. Cathy Gurley, Executive Director of YHTP says, “You Have the Power is unique in that we work with virtually every other non-profit, helping to get victims to the service or services they need quickly and directly. Our free education programs always involve professionals in each field, discussions and points on safeguarding yourself, your family and the community”.

YHTP produces documentaries and resource guide books on topics such as child sex abuse, internet safety, elder abuse, domestic violence, date rape, and the dangers of illegal methamphetamine labs. They also collaborate with communities across Tennessee to present public programs on focus area topics, and provide education and training for day care workers, educators and parents on the prevention of and recognizing signs of child abuse. And YHTP advocates for victims of crime and their families by serving as a clearinghouse for information and as a resource to other agencies as requested. You have The Power is currently working on materials on the topic of Human Trafficking.

Funding comes from a variety of sources including: sales of their documentaries, Best Practices Victim Impact Curriculum, grants, their annual campaign and signature events like Walk off Crime, Powerhouse Award Luncheon and their Original Christmas Songwriters Event. Like most non profits they are always looking for good volunteers. Areas of volunteer opportunity: People willing to offer expertise and guidance for the program, people willing to help expand agency outbreak and partnerships and people to assist in the cultivation of new grants. Please consider giving your time or brain power to You have the Power! Check out their website for more information.

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  1. Stephanie lewie

    How can I help. I am a retired nurse presently caring for my elderly mother so I can’t offer full time presence atafacility. I live in Lewisburg.

    1. Julie Hullett

      Thank you Stephanie. Please contact You have the Power at 615.292.7027. They would welcome your assistance and they do operate state wide. Thank you again–Julie

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