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Owner/Life Coach: Valerie Priester

“Once you find your purpose everything else is easy.  Meet Valerie Priester, owner of Victorious Life Coaching, author and phenomenal life coach. Valerie like many of us had a corporate career for many years. During that time, as in most of her life, she found people often came to her for counsel and advice.  She discovered that most people seek answers to the questions:  Who am I?  Why am I here?  and What was I created to do? And that most entrepreneurial women struggle with work-life balance, i.e., how to run successful business and maintain a loving home life for their families. And then that her gift was helping people discover their own truths and answers from within

So it was a natural migration to put that gift and skill to work in 2010 with the start of Victorious Life Coaching.   She is gentle, caring, but firm in her approach.  Goal setting and time management are obviously part of her program, but finding one’s purpose is the very heart of her program. She says her greatest joy comes from observing the miraculous changes in her clients’ lives as they began to walk in their true purpose.  So how does she help you get from A to B? Valerie says people must own their reality, be willing to confront the areas that may be sabotaging their lives, and discover their true potential and greatness in order to make lasting and substantial changes.

Valerie is the President of the Hendersonville, TN chapter of the National Association of Professional Women (NAPW). She is currently working on a book titled “Be Still and Know That I AM God – 7 Steps to a Deeper Relationship with God” that will be published later this year.

She has a monthly radio show called Victorious Change Radio that airs on the third Thursday of each month and focuses on helping women discover their true essence and empower them to step into their greatness. She writes a business blog titled Victorious Thinking that provides tips on how to establish a positive and productive mindset along with productive steps toward balance.

So…Looking for some balance in your life? Give Valerie a call:  615.435.9249

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