Title Boxing Club

LOCAL SPOTLIGHT: Title Boxing Club, Cool Springs & Green Hills

Owners: Sheeva Rouhani-Fard, James Fuertes, Eddie Finley, and Diane Finley

If you are ready to break up your mundane fitness routine and try something that will produce incredible results, you may want to consider a more exciting alternative to a traditional gym membership. With two convenient locations in Green Hills and Cool Springs, Title Boxing Club is committed to changing lives through invigorating exercise and a sense of community.

10703675_838725642818813_2658272824206274825_nTitle Boxing Club got its start when four friends, already working in the fitness arena, decided to combine their unique talents and passions into a joint business venture. Together they launched Title Boxing Club in Cool Springs in 2014, and their newest location in Green Hills. Sheeva, James, Eddie, and Diane, thrive on the idea of community, and together have created a unique group environment for those looking to break free from the traditional fitness routine and get in the best shape of their lives.

Unlike many gyms, Title Boxing exists as a club for members at all different fitness levels. With adaptable exercises, everyone can participate at their own pace. Each session consists of a 15-minute cardio warm up, 30 minutes of boxing or kickboxing, and 15 minutes of core training, allowing members to exert as much energy as they can. “Working out is not an easy task – but we make it fun,” says Sheeva. “That’s what makes us different. Not to mention that most people burn between 600 and 700 calories per class!

For Sheeva and her business partners, watching members become passionate about fitness and seeing their lives transformed is what makes their work so rewarding. “People who try it for the first time will walk out with the biggest smile on their face and sign up right away,” she says. “They decided to change their journeys and their lives, and to watch that process is so inspirational.”

Main SM ImageThe team at Title Boxing Club offers a free trial class to anyone who wants to give it a try. In addition to their boxing and kickboxing classes, both locations include an area for weight training and treadmills for supplemental cardio. Or, you can take your boxing expertise and fitness to the next level with one-on-one personal training.

Starting May 1st, they will be offering a Mother’s Day special – two weeks of unlimited classes, gloves, wraps, a gym bag and t-shirt for just $75! Click below to learn more about Title Boxing Club and be sure to connect with them on Facebook!


Cool Springs Location Website          Cool Springs Facebook

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