Tin Cottage


Owner: Marianne Demeyers

Franklin, Tennessee is known for its charming aesthetic – its Southern streets lined with boutiques, restaurants, cinemas and coffee shops that complement a small-town feel. Of these storefronts, the Tin Cottage stands out as one of the richest in character and charm. Owned by Marianne Demeyers, The Tin Cottage is one of Franklin’s premiere destinations for home décor and gift items. Whether you are a local Tennessean or a tourist, its cozy décor and classic arrangements will draw you in.

Marianne began the Tin Cottage in 1999, after a short stint living in Southern California. Her sister, owner of the furniture shop JJ Ashley’s, encouraged her to pursue the opportunity to buy a property and open up a retail store of her own. Since then, the two complementary businesses have moved next door to each other, epitomizing the family-oriented feel of Franklin. Marianne named the store apropos of its original architectural material – in fact, the ceiling is still made of Tin to this day, maintaining its history and quaint, cottage-like aesthetic.

Main Blog Image and Social Media ImageWhat makes The Tin Cottage stand apart from so many other retail boutiques is their adaptability in décor and trends. Without feeling pressured to maintain a particular aesthetic, Marianne and her staff have the capacity to find unique items that would complement a variety of styles and personal tastes. “It’s all about the art of hospitality, whether it’s your kitchen, your front porch or inviting friends in your living room, that’s what we’re here to help you accomplish.”

For Marianne, the best part about owning a local boutique is the chance to work with customers on a daily basis, many of whom have become some of her closest friends. “I can’t imagine not doing this. Franklin is near and dear to my heart and I value every relationship. It’s a part of the community.”

What is Marianne’s current favorite in-store inventory? Many of them are handcrafted by local artists, including a “fabulous line of jewelry from Olivia Terrell,” a Williamson County-native currently living in Madrid, Spain. The staff has also fostered an obsession for Weck Jars, or German Mason Jars, and their new preview of spring and porch items.

To find out more about Marianne and her shop, visit their website and be sure to connect with them on Facebook!

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