The Wild Muffin


Owner: Linda Antoinette Licalsi

Are you looking for a way to navigate the holiday season, allowing yourself to indulge in delicious treats without suffering the consequences, post New Years? Meet Linda Antoinette Licalsi, lovingly known by many as “Antoinette,” owner of The Wild Muffin, a Nashville-based bakery that specializes in healthy, gluten-free baked goods. Whether you are gluten-free or simply conscious of nutrition, The Wild Muffin provides an array of delectable snacks, minus the sugar hangover and the guilt.

Image within BLOGAntoinette bought The Wild Muffin at an auction in September of 2012, seeing the opportunity for the bakery to grow to its highest potential. Herself gluten intolerant, she noticed the lack of food services concentrating on the growing needs of a wide portion of our population. With faith, passion, and diligence, Antoinette has succeeded in turning The Wild Muffin into the preeminent bakery in Nashville for gluten-free and health conscious options. They now serve their muffins throughout Nashville and Middle Tennessee, with distribution in places including Whole Foods, Vanderbilt University, The Turnip Truck, The YMCA,

“We did gluten-free before it was “cool,” says Antoinette. “Our claim to fame is that the proof is truly in the pudding of the quality of our products and the people who love them.” Indeed, The Wild Muffin has gained rave reviews by many with discerning taste and a penchant for health, including NFL players and musicians like Steven Tyler and Cheap Trick. As the original gluten-free bakery in Nashville, Antoinette and her team set a high standard in the quality production of healthy baking.

What Antoinette loves most about her role is the ability to work with people, making a positive difference in their lives and watching them leave with a smile. “I love people and putting love and positive energy into everything that we do and feeling it come back,” she says. One of her regular customers is a local cancer survivor, whose doctor allows her one sweet treat per week. For the past two years, she has chosen to make this one indulgence a healthy muffin from The Wild Muffin. It is this fervent dedication to her clients’ health and happiness that has made The Wild Muffin so successful. As Antoinette says, “We don’t just bake delicious products, we bake love.”

Be sure to visit The Wild Muffin’s website for more information on where to pick up these delicious treats, and be sure to connect with them on Facebook!

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