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LOCAL SPOTLIGHT: The New Beginnings Center & TNB FITNESS

CEO/Executive Director: Natasha Weddle

CSCS, SCCC, and MSC. Do you know what all those initials stand for? Meet ‘Tash” Weddle.

Tash had been working in the fitness industry for over eighteen years when she realized, even with all of these certifications: Certified Strength and Conditioning Specialist, Collegiate Strength and Conditioning Coach, Master Strength & Conditioning Coach, she had reached the ceiling in a primarily male dominated field. A few years ago, Tash met Chris McCarthy, then CEO of Habitat for Humanity, and they begin to discuss collaboration; New Beginnings was created.

At New Beginnings they believe that a woman who is strong and physically fit is a woman empowered. By offering services to a population of women that might not have had access to, they build relationships with women and within health and nutrition are able to impact behavior change and self-actualization. They strive to get the best fitness and nutrition coaching to all women, regardless of income. We all know somehow physical strength has the ability to transform us on a spiritual level, an emotional level and beyond. Tash says the women she works with are amazing people with amazing stories and they help keep her grounded. The participants are in the program for a year. In Phase I they go to the center three times per week for twelve weeks and then the rest of the program, they go once a month. Through self-actualization and behavior change classes the participants develop authentic self confidence and the ability to change their self concepts. Tash and her team write new programs for the women as they leave and a plan for check in regarding their nutrition and fitness, ensuring they are inspired to maintain their goals. New Beginnings is a Non Profit and is sustained through a percentage of fees from TNB, the business side of the organization.

TBN Fitness was started by a woman for other women. They create a personalized fitness program that is unique to you, meets you where you are and they work with you like you are an athlete. Whether you need to improve mobility, core strength, build upper body strength, increase endurance, transform glutes and quads into the remarkable muscles they were always meant to be—or all of this and more—TNB Fitness will provide expert training to help you reach your goals. They conduct classes in small groups of 2-4 women and they utilize planned progression which rebuilds your body and ensures you get better. For a comprehensive look at their training programs and schedules be sure and check out their website

New Beginnings Website

TNB-Fitness Website


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