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LOCAL SPOTLIGHT: The Nashville Food Project

Executive Director: Tallu Schuyler Quin

What makes Middle Tennessee such a beautiful place to live? Beyond the rolling hills and idyllic countryside, our community is built upon the idea of helping others succeed – perhaps the most beautiful quality of all. Meet Tallu Schuyler Quinn, executive director of The Nashville Food Project, a local non-profit that lives up to our reputation of supporting the area and working together to bring the city to its fullest potential. Just four years old, The Nashville Food Project has already become one of the best-known non-profits for feeding impoverished inhabitants of Middle Tennessee.

Main SM ImageThe Nashville Food Project began as the local arm of Austin-based nonprofit Mobile Loaves And Fishes, delivering sack-lunch meals to the homeless several times a week. Throughout the years, they noticed a need for creative solutions to the local problem of food insecurity, using local funds and local volunteers. During the 2010 flood, they delivered more than 19,000 meals during a three-week period. The desire to incorporate healthy nutrition, fresh produce, and community meals to solve the problem of food insecurity, prompted Tallu and her team to establish themselves as an independent non-profit.

In a short amount of time, The Nashville Food Project has launched a myriad of successful initiatives to build a stronger and healthier community. “Our mission is to bring people together to grow, cook and share nourishing food, with the goals of cultivating community and alleviating hunger in our city,” Tallu says. “One in five people in Nashville lack access to enough food to sustain a healthy lifestyle.” Their annual fundraiser, “Nourish Nashville,” is one of the major ways they support this mission. On June 16, the team will host a five-course dinner in which they raise a quarter of their yearly budget.

Extra Image within Story - Tallu QuinFor Tallu, The Nashville Food Project stands out amongst non-profits because of its dedication to solving the poverty issue in our area. Out-of-the-box thinking and a passion for the city make the organization both unique and successful in its approach to helping the impoverished. “It’s about more than just providing food, it’s about providing the tools they need to become secure and independent,” she says. “It’s about the bigger picture.”

Want to get involved? The Nashville Food Project thrives on local volunteers who possess passion and creativity. You can volunteer in the prep kitchen, donate food, help harvest the farm, or simply donate funds to this amazing organization. For more information on how to give back and support them, visit their website below. 

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