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LOCAL SPOTLIGHT: The Bootstraps Foundation

Board Member & Secretary: Ed VanVoorhees

MAIN IMAGEIn a society founded upon the idea of equal opportunity, it often feels as though some of the greatest potential goes unrecognized due to life circumstances. Many of our most talented and precocious young people fail to realize their dreams, due to hardships that prevent them from climbing the ladder of success. Meet Ed VanVoorhees, Board Member and Secretary of The Bootstraps Foundation, a local non-profit organization that raises scholarship money for some of Middle Tennessee’s most agile minds and perseverant spirits.

Each year, applications pour into The Bootstraps Foundation with qualified candidates, who, despite tremendous hardships, have positioned themselves to attend college. With the goal of aiding these students in their pursuit of higher education, The Bootstraps Foundation awards scholarships each year to a select group of outstanding young men and women. Their stories are nothing short of miraculous and inspiring.

“We recognize young people who often are not recognized for being outstanding and overcoming circumstances that are very difficult,” says Ed.

Unlike many other non-profits, Bootstraps has no paid employees. Instead, each member freely donates their personal time and energy to helping these young minds realize their full potential. Because they exist on a strictly volunteer basis, all of the money raised by the foundation goes directly towards scholarships.

2ND IMAGE WITHIN POSTEd has been involved with The Bootstraps Foundation as a contributor for ten years, and as an official Board member for six. As someone who works tirelessly to support the Middle Tennessee community, he is consistently awed and inspired by the recipients that he meets. “Getting to know our scholarship recipients reminds me to be grateful for my circumstances, to be mindful of others less fortunate, and to help them achieve their own success,” he notes. “I admire the perseverance of each recipient and feel so fortunate to make a contribution to their continued success.”

To find out how you can get involved or to make a donation, please visit their website at the link below. The public is also invited to attend their Annual Scholarship Awards Banquet on May 12th at the Nashville City Club. If you are interested in attending, please forward your contact information to Ed at for more details.

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