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LOCAL SPOTLIGHT: Studio Novo Nashville

Owners & Trainers: Santi and Anna Tefel

You know that stretch of retail on White Bridge Road across from Target? There is a sandwich shop, a hair salon and the lot where they sell seasonal flowers, pumpkins, Christmas trees, etc.?  Well guess what else is back there? Studio Novo—And they are waiting for you come get your workout on! Meet Santi and Anna Tefel.

Anna has always been passionate about fitness and health. She loves to work out and exercise is just a part of who she is. Santi is a Private Banker at Avenue Bank in Nashville, but also shares Anna’s passion for fitness. He leads some classes as well and he brings a load of energy to each and every workout. Anna was looking for a unique niche to differentiate herself within the fitness industry that would still enable her to help others while she did what she loved.  When she learned about Sebastien Lagree and his program, she knew she had found the right fit. Lagree invented a machine called the Megaformer. It is a spring based system that allows for zero periods of gravity at peak muscle contraction.  This allows for a low-impact, high-cardio and deep muscle workout, done in 50 minutes. One of the great things about the Lagree Fitness Method is that it hits the 3 major components of an effective and well-balanced workout; cardio, core, and strength training. This workout is great for all fitness levels.

Studio Novo opened August 1st and has been helping Nashvillians get fit with the Lagree Fitness method. Located upstairs at 99 White Bridge Road, they offer classes seven days per week. You can sign up for classes on line and the full schedule is posted on their website below. Class size is maximum of ten people which allows for personal attention during your workout.

The word Novo means renew/transform in Greek and when you leave the class that is exactly how you will feel. After my workout, I felt great and the next day I felt exactly where I needed to be working out. If you are looking for a new workout, contact Anna today. By the way, the first class is always free!

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