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LOCAL SPOTLIGHT: Spanish Lessons with Emily D

Owner: Emily Daniel

Do you ever find yourself wishing you had paid more attention in Spanish class, forgetting the most basic conversations when given the chance to use the language? Meet Emily Daniel, founder of Spanish Lessons with Emily D, a company that focuses on creating personalized Spanish lessons for any student. Whether you are looking to reconnect with your heritage, brush up on forgotten usage of the language, or immerse yourself in a new culture, Spanish Lessons with Emily D is a wonderful way to learn the language.

After cultivating a passion for Spanish through years of inspiring instructors, Emily spent a year living in Gracias Lempira, Honduras, and traveled extensively to other Spanish-speaking countries, including Peru, Venezuela, Bolivia, Costa Rica, and Spain. These cultural immersions helped Emily not only to develop her conversational fluency, but also to foster her love of speaking the language and working within diverse settings.

In September of 2011, Emily began her company with one student. She did not see herself teaching at a school, with pre-made lesson plans and a bell to dismiss the students. Instead, she launched Spanish Lessons with Emily D, where students learn to speak conversational Spanish in a manner most suited to their personal desires. “There are a variety of reasons that people come to us and we make learning Spanish as easy as possible,” Emily says.

part 4 class - newsletterWhat makes Spanish Lessons with Emily D so unique is its focus on tailoring personal plans whether in a private session, small group, or virtual lesson. With an understanding of the varying reasons people choose to learn Spanish, Emily and her team employ a variety of teaching styles, dependent on the individual student’s needs.

For Emily, the most exciting aspect of her job is the opportunity to forge connections with a variety of people, helping them to in turn form relationships with native Spanish speakers or others who share a passion for the language. With 85% of her students as adults, Emily proves that it is never to late for any of us to try our hand at something new. “It’s awesome to see the program work for people and watch them incorporate Spanish into their everyday lives,” she says. If you’re looking to learn the language, studying under Emily D’s skilled and passionate guidance is a wonderful way to do it.

To learn more about Emily and her fabulous team visit their website at the link below and be sure to connect with them on Facebook!


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  1. What an awesome business to know about! I took 3 years of Spanish in high school, but I couldn’t speak it if I tried. 🙂

  2. Thanks for introducing us to Emily, Julie! I’m looking forward to following along with your future posts. Just chiming in from the Nashville blog group. 🙂

  3. Julie, How interesting! I love knowing about this. I would LOVE to take Spanish now and become fluent. I had French in high school, which was pretty much useless for the rest of my life. 🙂

    But Spanish seems to be a second language nowadays that would be beneficial for all sorts of things.

    Thanks again for the introduction to Emily!

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