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Owner/Salesologist: Phyllis Nichols

What is a Salesologist? Meet Phyllis Nichols. She describes herself that way. She helps small business owners and entrepreneurs understand how to best promote themselves, their products and their services. After a successful career in corporate sales, she was looking for a new venture and began helping women in an entrepreneur support group. She met amazing women who were talented beyond belief but struggling to be profitable. So Phyllis started helping them understand how to best approach selling in a way that was right for them and for their business model. SoundAdvice Sales and Marketing was created in 2009 by the urging of friends who started sending her clients before her business cards arrived!

She consults with clients to provide an overall strategy (the big picture) and then breaks that down into easy-to-implement tactics and tasks. Her approach is holistic as she first discovers the skills and abilities along with the personality of her clients and their business. “I help clients find their voice as it relates to their marketing message and methods. It’s important that we come up with solutions that are perfect for them and fit with their over-all approach to business and skill-set.” But another important fit is creating a tailor-made sales model for each client. She knows that when they fit the solution to the client they have the confidence to implement it with success. Phyllis has the ability to take client ideas and concepts and put them into words that work. Online you have just a few seconds to make an impression and deliver relevant content so it’s critical that those words make an impact.

She meets with local clients in person and also works virtually with people all over the US and internationally. Her clients enjoy the accessibility she offers and several have hired her to provide monthly accountability and leadership for their growing sales teams.

She moved to the Nashville area a few years ago and soon after started a women’s professional organization called Allies. ( “It was a great way for me to meet other women who shared similar interests and gave me the chance to get out of the house and have some fun as well.”

When Phyllis isn’t busy helping fearless entrepreneurs achieve their vision and goals, she’s sharing her wisdom with others. You can read her blogs on her website,, and Be sure to check them out!

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