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Owners/Fitness Coaches: Kim Sorey and Kalee Dillard

Are you looking to get in shape, but are struggling to find a plan that will yield results? Meet Kim Sorey and Kalee Dillard, a mother-daughter fitness team and owners of Sorey Fitness. After reaching their personal goal weights and maintaining their desired physiques for over five years, Kim and Kalee launched Sorey Fitness to help others achieve similar goals, with a flexible diet and easy, at-home workouts.

Both Kim and Kalee began their careers as math teachers, with a penchant for educating others according to individual plans that would lead to personal success. After Kalee’s father began to consider weight-loss surgery to help mitigate his health issues in 2011, she and her mother realized their passion for fitness, and decided to launch their own business. Having used home fitness programs from to accomplish their own fitness goals years before, Kim and Kalee decided to partner with Beachbody to help their clients realize similar results.

Image to use within storyFor advanced clients, Kalee’s personal favorite Beachbody workout is Turbo Fire, which was the first program with which she saw a great change in her appearance and confidence within just three weeks. For beginners, she coaches them with the 21 Day Fix, a Beachbody workout that provides a simple meal plan and a variety of exercises that are challenging but doable.

What Kalee loves most about her job is the ability to see changes in her clients, both physically and emotionally. Adopting a feasible workout plan that actually yields results creates a growing sense of confidence in clients, and watching this sense of self-esteem flourish in those they are helping remains the most rewarding aspect of Kalee and Kim’s careers. “At first clients might be hesitant and a little shy, but once they start to see  results they feel empowered,” Kalee says. “You really grow in these workout challenges. The before and after pictures reveal a confidence that they never had before and they walk away with a whole new attitude.”

Whether you are just beginning to transform your body, or you are a fitness feign looking for new, invigorating workouts, Sorey Fitness helps people accomplish their goals through dedicated and individualized coaching. To learn more about Sorey Fitness visit their website at the link below and be sure to connect with them on Facebook!

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