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Founder: Kristina Wait

For the last seventeen years, she has worked at the local, regional and national levels of the American Cancer Society. Traveling the country, focusing on strategy development, training and technical assistance, evaluation and partnership building, she saw an opportunity to share the knowledge she had gained. Meet Kristina Wait, founder and owner of Snap Strategy. She built Snap Strategy to move organizations beyond traditional strategic planning, traditionally static and budget driven, to become strategy-focused through a dynamic and customer-driven approach.

This is not your traditional strategic planning. This is success for the 21st century, where Kristina modernizes the client’s way of thinking about and executing strategy. She creates a personalized experience, spending time upfront to understand an organization: their history, people, and culture. This enables her to position them to make their vision a reality. Because of her partnership building background, she takes a collaborative approach and engages the client throughout the process to ensure their ideas that are coming through not hers. Through fun, positive reinforcement, and a great attitude, winning partnership with clients are developed.

Kristina says, “Seeing the a-ha moments and helping a client understand what will accelerate them from “good to great,” is often just as exciting for me as it is the client! I love seeing others succeed and building a culture where individual strengths come together to create team wins. This even translates into my personal life.” When not consulting, she can be found giving strategic direction to her family in having fun through laughter, love, and enjoying all things good in life. She is a mom to a kid who says he can’t control his awesomeness to which Katrina says– he’s got the right strategic vision!

Is it time to look at your strategy and develop a winning team? Contact Kristina today and get your Snap on!

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