Sliced Deli


Owners: Steve Perdue and Lacy Lusebrink

Do you crave breaking up the daily grind with a delicious meal in a quaint location? Meet Steve Perdue and Lacy Lusebrink, owners of the new Nashville lunch hotspot, Sliced Deli. With so many afternoons spent heading back to the office or running endless errands, Steve and Lacy facilitate a lunch experience that is filled with fresh meals in a charming, community-focused environment.

After years of working together at the Marriott in Cool Springs and the Schermerhorn Symphony Center, Steve and Lacy had realized and fine-tuned their penchant for hospitality. Dissatisfied with the lack of options for great lunchtime dining, they decided to open Sliced Deli in January of 2014, to offer patrons healthy and delicious meal options featuring high-quality ingredients.

What separates Sliced Deli from other local cafes? Unlike many of the products that we find ourselves consuming on a daily basis, the deli meats that Steve and Lacy serve are all-natural, and their team cooks almost everything in-house. “It’s all about going the extra mile with food,” Lacy says, and their appetizing meals reflect this effort. As a locally owned lunch spot with locally grown produce, Slice Deli promotes a sense of community with a warm and relaxed aesthetic.

Interior Image (Use on Social Media)With so many fresh and filling menu options, it’s hard to pick just one. Lacy’s favorite is “The Classic Italian,” a delicious
sandwich that pays homage to Steve’s Pittsburg roots, featuring layers of fresh meats and mozzarella, served beneath fresh veggies and olive oil.

Besides their fresh in-house meals, Slice Deli provides boxed lunches to bring back to the office for corporate lunches or special events. They recently obtained a beer license as well, making the charming café a great spot for an early evening gathering. Now through November 15th, they are donating proceeds from their catering services and boxed lunches to benefit the Michael Stanley Child Life Fund.

For Lacy, the best part of her job is working with customers, getting to know them and providing them with healthy, fresh meals. The Sliced Deli team reflects the truth that happiness is made possible through the simple things in life, like healthy, delicious meals served with a dose of positive spirit and hospitality.

For more information, visit their website and make sure to connect with them on Facebook!

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