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Local Spotlight: River Queen Voyages

Owner: Annie Klaver

There is so much going on in Nashville these days, it is impossible to choose. But if you want to enjoy the great outdoors and experience some of Tennessee’s natural beauty, check out our August Local Spotlight.

Meet Annie Klaver, owner of River Queen Voyages, Nashville’s first downtown kayak rental and tour company. Whether you are a local to Nashville or a tourist, River Queen Voyages provides a fun and affordable way to explore the city and enjoy its exquisite natural beauty.

Main Blog Image copyWith the constant barrage of mass technology in an increasingly urban-centric world, Annie noticed that her mental, emotional, and spiritual well being was suffering. Kayaking with friends on some of Middle Tennessee’s rivers provided her with a sense of relief and holistic well being, allowing her to take a brief respite from constantly buzzing telephones and email notifications. In 2015, she decided to take a leap of faith and trade in her corporate job for one that would embrace this profound and beneficial connection to nature. She set out to establish River Queen Voyages, a kayak rental and tour company that provides people with the opportunity to explore Nashville while enjoying a communion with their natural environment.

“We believe in a new kind of city with more readily available outdoor recreation and easy access to our blueways,” she says. “River Queen Voyages is the best way to see the famous Nashville skyline from the river while unplugging and rejuvenating from our hyper-connected lives.” For beginners, River Queen Voyages offers a three-mile tour guided experience, and for intermediate to advanced kayakers, an eight-mile self-guided trip. While most other kayaking outfitters are located on the Harpeth River, River Queen Voyages is the first outfitter to service rides down the Cumberland River.

For Annie, what she loves most about her work is the opportunity to spend so much time outdoors, away from the artifices of technology. “Our office culture has changed people from kids with dirty knees climbing trees to people slowly dying in front of computers under fluorescent lights,” she says. “I believe people need an easy way to disconnect and if I can provide that for a little while, then I feel like I’m doing my part to make people’s lives a little less stressful and a little more fun.

Right now, Annie and here team are offering 20% off kayak rentals by using the code RQVLOCAL when you book online at their website! Visit the link below, and be sure to connect with them on Facebook!

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