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Owner: Bryan Harris

A vacation is what you take when you can no longer take what you’ve been taking. Are you ready for yours? Meet Bryan Harris. Bryan is the force behind Operation Destination, the ultimate travel agent ready to help you with this year’s primo vacation. You may be asking why do I need a travel agent these days?  I can find everything I need on line. Bryan has traveled extensively for years and those travel experiences gave him just the right background to understand what makes for a quality experience. He is a graduate of College of Disney Knowledge and has attained a special knowledge of all Disney Destinations. He also holds the title of Disney Specialist. As an independent member of Millstream Travels he is also affiliated with the following professional travel organizations: CLIA — Cruise Lines International Association Vacations.com, IATA — International Air Transport Association. All of this translates into: One-stop shopping. He can handle every aspect of your trip from airline tickets to lodging, ground transportation, car rentals, activities, tours and more. Expert Guidance: understanding the behind the scenes parts of enjoyable travel. Choice: finding deals and packages not available to the general public. Consumer Advocacy: In the event there is a problem on your trip, Bryan goes to bat for you immediately. And finally, Customer Service: this is where Bryan really shines. Within two hours of a request from me on behalf of a client I received a complete itinerary of suggested itinerary and reservations. My client was thrilled to have all the options so readily available. So get started on your vacation today! You can reach Bryan: bryan@operationdestination.com Be sure and check out his website for his blog with great travel tips, tools and vacation ideas and don’t forget to like Operation Destination Travel on Facebook .

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