Nashville’s Hope Clinic

The Hope Clinic for Women was founded by a group of community leaders, churches, and OB/GYNS with the goal of meeting the needs of all women who find themselves with an unplanned pregnancy regardless of age, race, religion or ability to pay. Their focus was to reach women who planned to terminate their pregnancies as well as assist those women who are pro-life and choose to not terminate. The Hope Clinic builds relationships with these women before they go to an abortion clinic or adoption agency to support and assist them in whatever decisions they will need to make. The Clinic has had the honor of serving a diverse group of women from all walks of life, from various religious, political, and socio-economic backgrounds, and in doing so have built a trusted reputation among all their clients, donors, and volunteers.

Their services to women include: abortion and adoption counseling, abstinence education and free pregnancy tests as well as providing them with baby items once the child is born. Additionally, they provide support for women who have experienced a pregnancy loss (miscarriage, stillbirth, infant death, failed IVF, failed adoption or abortion) and postpartum depression. In 2007, the Clinic moved all of its counseling services to counselors who were educated and trained at area universities, and established their BRIDGE Program, which utilizes their lay-counselors. The BRIDGE Program provides ongoing support to all clients, from the beginning of the woman’s pregnancy through to the transition of the birth or termination and afterwards.

Part-time RNs and a Nurse Practitioner are always on-site for medical appointments and consultations, which also has enabled the Clinic to offer medication for a variety of emotional and mental troubles these women face.

Counseling has been extended to males as well in recent years, offering men help with sexual and pornography addictions.

The Hope Clinic for Women is a haven for Nashville area women (and men) who find themselves in difficult situations, faced with some of the toughest decisions a person may ever have to make. They welcome volunteers with open arms, and there are a number of ways you can be involved. Volunteer opportunities include client-facing roles and others behind the scenes. Some opportunities to volunteer include:

Phone counseling(male and female), BRIDGE counselors, and providing meals for moms, including both cooking and/or delivery. If you are a Spanish speaker, there is a great need for interpreters for Hispanic women, and anyone with a medical background is encouraged to contact The Hope Clinic for more information about how you can help.

To learn more about volunteering with The Hope Clinic, you can contact them directly or register to visit during one of their Open House events.

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