Life as a teenager can be really confusing and difficult, and being a female has its own specific challenges in addition to that. Going from a girl to a woman is a journey that can seem pretty tough for any young woman, but when her early years are unstable and painful, it can seem almost impossible.

There is an organization here in Nashville that was founded in 2016, by Stacia Freeman, to help these young women facing those seemingly impossible journeys: EPIC Girl.

EPIC Girl exists to empower girls to reach their full potential as women by helping them realize their identity based on their strengths and not their circumstances. Stacia was previously working with EPIC Girl Vice President, Kathryn York in the anti-human trafficking field, and they began to see a huge recurring gap for teen girls in need of support. “Not only are they vulnerable for exploitation, but also for drug use, teen pregnancy, gang affiliation, delinquency, etc. We began to see that underneath every teenage girl that comes through the Juvenile Justice System is a girl who needs love and support,” says Kathryn. The organization uses educational programs and mentoring, along with counseling and community activities, to give indispensable support to young women while they make their journey into the future.

The EPIC Girl team believes that every girl is only one meaningful connection away from becoming a hero. And an EPIC Girl understands that while defining the power of the past helps her to recognize how it has shaped her life so far, she also has gained the tools to keep that same past from defining her future.

Over 200 young women have been helped through the EPIC Girl IDENTITY Curriculum, and they hope to see that program grow even more. EPIC Girl will continue to spread the EPIC Girl curriculum in Davidson County schools and train more EPIC Girl Mentors. The goal is to assist those young women who are at risk to recognize their own personal vulnerable areas and to educate them on the potential negative consequences of those vulnerabilities. Working collaboratively with the Juvenile Court system, foster care agencies, the Department of Children’s Services, and other programs for at-risk youth, EPIC Girl is helping to make a difference in many young lives.

If you would like to be involved in making life an epic adventure for Nashville area girls, you’ll have your chance on Saturday, February 3, 2018. EPIC Girl will be teaming up with Women’s Strength Coalition of New York and The Southern Squeeze Gym for a fundraiser that will be truly…Epic!!

Athletes will be participating in the very first Women’s Strength Coalition Nashville event. Competitors will pay $15 to register and will be asked to pledge one dollar for every second they plan to hold two heavy kettlebells for EPIC Girl!

WHO? Everyone!

WHEN? Saturday, February 3, 2018, beginning at 10 a.m. and lasting all day

WHERE? Nashletics, 2026 Lindell Avenue, Nashville, TN 37203

WHAT? An “Inclusive Grip Competition” called Never Let Go to raise funds for Epic Girl!

WHY? Because an EPIC life is the only kind of life worth living!



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