No.9 Farms


Owners: Brian and Stephanie Oaks

unnamedIn a society that has placed a growing emphasis on holistic health, many people are beginning to question the source of their food. Most of us know that grocery store aisles are packed with preservatives and chemicals, and we desire fresh and organic ingredients to cook with. Meet Brian and Stephanie Oaks, founders of the Nashville-based No.9 Farms. Not only do they provide homegrown whole foods for our community, they also offer educational classes on organic gardening, healthy cooking and more.

The couple began growing their own food when they got married twenty-two years ago, using a variety of spaces to cultivate their farm and create a self-sustaining lifestyle. In 2010, Stephanie and Brian decided to buy a larger property in order to expand their farm, promote self-sufficiency, and teach their kids the importance of hard work. Out of this desire, No.9 Farms was born. Supported by a great amount of curiosity and enthusiasm from the community, the two decided to turn the farm into a full-fledged business, offering fresh produce as well as organic gardening and cooking classes. By teaching others the different properties of the foods that we consume, Stephanie and Brian have the opportunity to fulfill their passion of educating people on the significance of holistic eating.

The hands-on nature of No.9 Farms is what makes it a truly unique experience here in Middle Tennessee. Patrons become a part of the choosing process, getting their hands dirty and picking their own fruits and vegetables. They also specialize in the growth of culinary and medicinal herbs, and sell their products at a variety of local Farmer’s Markets. Educating generations of people on the connectedness between what we eat and our overall wellbeing remains one of the most rewarding experiences for the couple. Plus, working as a family brings a tremendous joy to the business. “It’s just the four of us,” Stephanie says. “My husband, my two teenagers, and myself. The experience of doing this together and helping others is truly wonderful.”

IMG_4131The team will hold their next organic gardening class on April 11th at 10 a.m., focusing on soil preparation and maintenance, composting, companion planting, and schedules designed for our community’s climate. Classes cost $25 per adult, with children welcome for free. Email to register and be sure to connect with them on Facebook for the latest updates and announcements about upcoming classes.





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