Nelson’s Green Brier Distillery

LOCAL SPOTLIGHT: Nelson’s Green Brier Distillery

Owners: Charlie, Andy, and Bill Nelson

Sunday barbecues are a favorite tradition to ring in the southern summer, but what happens when you run out of liquor just in time to mix a round of cocktails? Luckily, Green Brier Distillery is here to rescue your beverage needs – one of the only places licensed to sell whiskey on Sundays. Meet Charlie, Andy, and Bill Nelson, a family of southern gentleman who ran into fate, and turned it into one of the most successful whiskey distilleries in Middle Tennessee.

Nine years ago, Bill Nelson and his two sons, Charlie and Andy, were on their way to Greenbrier, Tennessee, just twenty miles north of Nashville, to pick up a cow from the local butcher. During a gas station pit stop, they spotted an old marker for Nelson’s Green Brier Distillery. As history buffs, the brothers explored the distillery’s historical society to learn more about its origins. And in a brilliant twist of fate, they learned that the business belonged to the two brothers’ great-great-great grandfather. Unwilling to ignore destiny, Charlie and Andy set out to resurrect the distillery, working tirelessly at profound costs to see their business goals to fruition.

Main LSF Image & SM ImageNelson’s Green Brier distillery is now one of Tennessee’s hottest distilleries, brewing a variety of whiskeys that descend directly from the original recipes. They distribute their alcohol in over a dozen markets, including the Southeast, Illinois, Texas, and California. Besides offering a range of aged and un-aged whiskeys, including their own special blend of Belle Meade Bourbon and the original recipe for their Green Brier Tennessee White Whiskey, the brothers also sell barrel kits for people interested in the brewing craft.

For Charlie, owning a distillery allows him to give life to his family’s unique history and sharing it with others, “I think that culture is all about telling stories and it’s a huge part of making whiskey,” he says. There is something undeniably special about a business whose products tell the rich cultural history of an American family with an entrepreneurial spirit and the dedication to achieve the American dream.

The distillery is open to the public for tours and tasting Tuesday through Sunday, and includes a beautiful gift shop that opens every day at 11 a.m. They also rent out private space for parties and events. Visit their website below to learn more!


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