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Owner/Trainer: Bruce Lyon

Are you trying to get into shape, but struggling to find a workout that will actually yield results? Meet Bruce Lyon, owner of Lyon Fitness Training. Whether you are training for a marathon, practicing a competitive sport, or simply looking to build stamina to keep up with your grandkids, Bruce creates individualized fitness programs to help you reach your goals.

While working in the corporate world, Bruce was harnessing another professional passion: triathlons. The intensity of preparation required, coupled with his corporate expertise in team building and training, caused a number of peers to start requesting that Bruce design their own personal tri-athlete programs. Passion and profession clicked, and in 1994, Bruce founded Lyon Fitness Training. He hasn’t looked back since.

Two months ago, Bruce opened up his new fitness space in the heart of Belle Meade and West Meade. The nine hundred square foot facility is equipped with elliptical machines, aerobic training equipment, weights, and a variety of other resources to help clients achieve their fitness goals. Though clients can choose to work out on their own using the equipment, Lyon Fitness Training focuses on yielding optimal results through personalized, one-on-one training.

Gym 2With a core belief that muscular balance is key to promoting holistic physical health, Bruce specializes in working with a more mature age group, having maintained much of his clientele for eighteen years. One of the many things that sets Bruce apart from other trainers is his extensive knowledge and ability to deal with clients who have experienced injuries, are recovering from major surgeries, or have serious back and shoulder pain.

Lyon Fitness Training is also Titleist Performance Institute Certified, making the facility one of the premiere spots in Nashville for golf fitness training. Bruce works with many golfers and tennis players to help them become more efficient and successful in their athletic practices. Physical screenings also allow Lyon Fitness to identify and correct muscular imbalances in relation to mobility, stability, posture, and balance.

“If I can help improve someone’s quality of life through physical activity then I’ve done my job. It’s truly rewarding,” Bruce says. Throughout the years he has had the opportunity to see many lifelong dreams come true, whether it is a client completing a triathlon, an athlete obtaining a scholarship, or a father feeling healthy enough to walk his daughter down the aisle.

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