Kay Bob’s Grill & Ale

LOCAL SPOTLIGHT: Kay Bob’s Grill & Ale

Owner: Amir Arab

The most innovative restaurant owners find ways to create unique recipes inspired by different ethnic cuisines. Meet Amir Arab, owner of Kay Bob’s Grille & Ale, a Nashville restaurant that serves as the city’s “southern twang of Kabobs.” Combining both a Persian and American influence, Kay Bob’s Grille & Ale offers fresh, delectable meals that put a new spin on classic dishes.

Amir founded Kay Bob’s Grille & Ale in 2011, and runs the business with its co-owner, Ali Arab. Having lived in Tennessee for over three decades, he realized the importance of opening up a restaurant in town that would serve all-natural foods and locally raised meats. His children were another major catalyst in his decision to open the restaurant- he wanted to serve food that they would like, but that would also be healthy enough for them to eat.

Main Image and SM ImageKay Bob’s boasts a wide range of all-natural meal choices; their ground beef is locally raised, and their chicken and steak is hormone and antibiotic-free. This way, you can enjoy a sandwich on made-to-order flatbread without worrying about its origins. Amir suggests trying the “Uncle Bob,” a Persian style Hamburger, while Nashville City Paper recommends the “Dancin’ Desiree,” a delectable option for vegetarians. The restaurant also features twenty-five locally crafted beers, and were recently voted one of the best places to grab a drink in a local beer blog.

Besides the Persian-American fusion, what makes Kay Bob’s so unique is its advocacy of fresh and healthy options at a reasonable price. The most expensive meal on the menu is only $15, making the restaurant an ideal spot to take a friend, a date, or the entire family. For Amir, the most rewarding part of owning a restaurant is watching people’s satisfied reactions as they enjoy the entirety of their dining experience. “The customer’s happiness makes me happy,” he says. “It’s as simple as that. The way to people’s heart is through their stomach. The food speaks for itself.”

Stop by Kay Bob’s on Tuesday or Saturday for two-for-one wings and beer. Amir and Ali also own the neighboring Pizza Perfect, so you can also order pizza while you are there!

For more information, visit their website and be sure to connect with them on Facebook!

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