Danielle Wannemacher, General Manager

These days, with so much going on in downtown Nashville, finding a quick way to get around down there and surrounding neighborhoods, can be a real challenge!

Main Social Media ImageMeet Danielle Wannemacher, general manager of Joyride, a shuttle service that uses golf carts to provide quick and enjoyable transportation around downtown Nashville and surrounding neighborhoods. If you are looking to tour your hometown with fresh eyes, or want to request a fun mode of transportation for a private event, the Joyride drivers serve as ambassadors for our city and readily available to meet your specific needs.

Chris Sizemore founded the company in November of 2014; after driving people around town in his golf cart, he noticed a need to transport people into the heart of the city. In just a few months, his solo project gained such steam that Joyride now has fifty drivers, and is known as one of the most unique and fun ways to explore the city and get from one place to the next. Unlike other car or bus services, there is no fare for rides around downtown; the entire system is based on tips. Similar to a traditional taxi, you can book a ride in advance, hail them on the street, or call their dispatch line.

Joyride works with private parties, taking guests into the heart of the city when downtown congestion is at its peak and there is limited convenient parking. They also offer several unique sightseeing tours including their Explore Nashville Tour that visits over thirty-five historic Music City locations for just $45. Joyride is so committed to making transportation fun that even they have their own versions of a pub crawl – the “Nashville Bar Golf Party Tour” and the “Brewery Tasting Tour”. Both tours include drinks and prices range between $75-$90.

Extra Image Within BlogFor Danielle, anticipating the next adventure bring a sense of joy to her work. “Every day is different,” she says. “We love what we do and it shows. Our customers have a great time using our services and we love making people happy.”

For more information on how to book a ride or become a driver for Joyride, visit their website below and be sure to connect with them on Facebook!

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