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LOCAL SPOTLIGHT: Integrapy, Inc.

Owner/MS, LMFT Therapist: Lauryn Salassi Gilliam

Are you going through a major transition in your life, such as a move to a new home or workplace, or facing a major change in your relationship? Meet licensed therapist Lauryn Salassi Gilliam, owner of Integrapy, Inc., a boutique therapy practice located in downtown Franklin.

As a licensed marriage and family therapist, Lauryn sees all types of clients who are going through various transitions in life. She primarily works with adults seeking guidance in their relationships, whether it is a husband and wife, or someone looking for guidance in relationships with their peers, career, family, or colleagues. “Relationships are an integral part of our every day lives and working to improve these relationships and set healthy boundaries is crucial no matter what you are going through,” says Lauryn.

Large Image:SM ImageWhat makes Integrapy unique from other counseling practices is its integrated approach. “The name ‘Integrapy’ came about because I like to integrate therapy in other places, such as a medical therapy, and do it with integrity,” says Lauryn. “You do not have to be diagnosed with a mental health disorder to still need comfort, support and guidance during life’s disruptions – especially with medical life disruptions like infertility or cancer.”

Lauryn’s personal experience with infertility, high-risk pregnancy, and premature birth, combined with her passion for helping others, is what inspired her to found a practice that would help those who are in the midst of high stress medical situations. She is passionate about educating her clients about the influence that chronic stress has on one’s health and the important relationship between physical and emotional health. “My job is to help people to get to the next place in their life and feel supported and safe going through difficult times,” she says.

Currently pursuing her PhD in marriage and family therapy, Lauryn also has a certificate for medical family therapy, which is a new way of collaborating with medical professionals to embrace a more holistic treatment program for their patients.

Helping clients overcome challenging obstacles and move from one place in their life to another has been an incredibly rewarding experience for Lauryn, “I love when clients have those ‘aha’ moments where they realize certain things within themselves that empower them to move forward in their lives.”

Be sure to visit the Integrapy, Inc. website below to learn more about Lauryn and the various counseling that her practice offers.


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