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Owners: Owner: Will & Judy Matheny

Sometimes it seems impossible to come up with an original and unique gift idea for the ones that we love. What if you could give them the gift of comfort? Whether it is a family with a new baby, friends who have recently moved into a new home, or someone going through a difficult time, a fresh home cooked meal can make all the difference. Meet Will and Judy Matheny, owners of the local food gifting service, Hometown Hospitality.

The company delivers hot and fresh meals straight to the doorsteps of your loved ones, allowing you to share comfort and compassion without the hassle of preparation. Hometown Hospitality began twenty years ago as the brainchild of Alton and Loretta Morgan. Working out of their home, the couple would make local deliveries in both Brentwood and Nashville. Seeing its potential and envisioning the opportunity for the business to expand, Will bought it from them five years ago, and has been successfully running Hometown Hospitality with his wife Judy ever since.

Main ImageUnlike other food delivery services, Hometown Hospitality veers away from creating frozen and packaged meals. Instead, their dinners are served hot and ready to eat, cooked moments prior to arrival with the freshest ingredients. Friends have the option to pick what meals they want and when they want them to arrive, and each meal comfortably feeds four to six people. Will and Judy work consistently with Vanderbilt for condolence gifts and the new residents that enter the hospital, with real estate agents who want to gift a meal to a client, and with the occasional corporation. “It’s different than catering,” says Will. “It’s geared more for gift-giving. That’s what makes us unique.”

What Will loves most about his work is the ability to help people who are genuinely in need. He finds fulfillment in offering a practical service to people who may be struggling through the loss of a loved one, a severe illness, or other issues that make cooking a comforting meal seem like an unachievable ideal. “We understand the comforting nature of good food,” says Will.

Currently, Hometown Hospitality delivers to South Nashville, Brentwood, and Franklin, but is in the process of expanding to both Hermitage and Murfreesboro. For more information, visit their website at the link below and be sure to connect with them on Facebook!

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