Hanging Around, Inc.

LOCAL SPOTLIGHT: Hanging Around, Inc.

Owners: Ashley & Jeff Spears

Do you have a collection of photographs or original artwork waiting to find their proper place in your home? We all love to decorate our lives with pristine visual pieces and beloved memories, but finding the perfect frame to highlight the unique character of those pieces can be a challenge. Meet Ashley and Jeff Spears, owners of Hanging Around, Inc., a framing company that provides both custom and ready made products to a diverse clientele.

In 2002, Ashley’s mom, Robin Vernon founded Hanging Around, Inc. with her business partner, Toni Hooper. Shortly after the business’s inception, both Ashley and Toni’s son, Jeff, began working for the company, assisting with daily sales and operations. What started out as a career opportunity quickly became a picture perfect love story – today Ashley and Jeff are happily married, and their mothers have passed on the business to them as of the first of this year. A true family business, Robin still works for the company, and between the three of them, share a combined thirty years of experience in the industry.

designroomAs custom framers, Ashley and Jeff offer everything from custom frames to ones that are ready made. With a history as a gallery, the company also understands the intricate process behind pairing photographs or visual art with the correct frame – one that will enhance its natural beauty, without overshadowing the subject. Hanging Around also has experience framing for some of the biggest names in town, including local sports teams, major corporations, retail shops, and art galleries, including the Frist. In addition to framing family portraits and heirloom artwork, they are currently working on a three thousand-piece project for a local musician.

What separates Hanging Around from other framers is town is the extent of their versatility as a business. “We’ve developed our own niche,” Ashley says. “We can meet the needs of the artist, the museum, the gallery, or a family.” Hanging Around, Inc. has the ability to accommodate any project with an eye for detail and a passion for creativity.

With the Holiday season quickly approaching, Hanging Around is now offering twenty percent off to all customers who mention this blog post with their request. If you’re searching for an original gift, give them a call to receive this offer through the end of December! To learn more visit their website at the link below.



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