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Have you ever purchased a piece of artwork, and wondered about its intrinsic history and value? Meet Ed Nash, a professional art appraiser and artist based in Nashville, TN. With experience making and studying art dating back to the age of thirteen, Ed serves as an invaluable source of information when it comes to revealing the stories and value of visual works.

Ed was born in Letchworth Garden City, England, a town frequented by post-impressionist artists for its pivotal role in the arts and crafts movement. Inspired by the amalgamation of beauty in the town’s rural and urban settings, Ed discove
red his love for art. He spent years cultivating his education and artistry skills, and went on to study Fine Art and Psychology at Reading University in England where he graduated with a First Class Honors Degree.

ArtAfter his studies, Ed began work as an art dealer and appraiser. His work allowed him to develop an expansive network in Nashville, and he gradually branched out to create his own business here in Tennessee in 2005. From small pieces to estates filled with hundreds of items, Ed appraises a variety of works for a major clientele. “You don’t know what it’s worth until you have an expert evaluate your items,” he says. Whether the goal of appraisal is to determine the resale value, estate purposes, insurance, or charitable donations, Ed can assess any piece’s authenticity and elucidate its value. “Clients are amazed sometimes that a piece they bought for a few hundred dollars is now worth thousands,” he notes.

With a 3,000 square foot studio in Inglewood, Ed still considers himself first and foremost an artist. Open to the public, visitors can come look at his artwork; right now he is working on a series of heavily texture paintings, finding “beauty in the cracks and aging in the piece of art.” For Ed, finding beauty in the imperfections gives a humanistic meaning to his work, and he holds a passion for creating paintings that completely transform the space in which they reside. The wonderful magnitude of his work has been noted by many, including having been featured on the hit televisions show Nashville.

To contact Ed about art appraisal or to learn more about his personal artwork visit his website at the link below for more information, and be sure to connect with him on Facebook!

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