Connie Sue Davenport Antiques & Personal Property Appraiser

LOCAL SPOTLIGHT: Connie Sue Davenport Antiques & Personal Property Appraiser

Owner: Connie Sue Davenport

Meet Connie Sue Davenport. Connie is the premier appraisal and estate sale consultant for the Southeast.  Her credentials include: International Society of Appraisers with a designation in Residential Contents (ISA AM) and National Uniform Standards of Professional Appraisal Practice (USPAP). She is a columnist, educator, public speaker and craftsman. She has been an appraiser since 1981. TRANSLATION: She knows her stuff! Connie’s mantra is “Helping you find a peaceful place among your things”…and she does just that.

She offers her services to individuals, businesses and organizations. She has appeared on local televisions shows, conducted seminars on related topics like downsizing how to protect, store and sell family treasures. And everyone enjoys learning about family treasures – how to protect them, store them, or sell them. Another gift Connie has is being a great storyteller. There are some really funny things she has learned in this line of work. So in addition to be educated you can always count on being entertained.

If you would like to enlist her and her services, simply visit her website and check out upcoming events/and or her “private client appraisals” link to set up your consultation. You may contact Connie Sue via phone @615.672.1992 or email Check out her website below.


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