Belcourt Theater

LOCAL SPOTLIGHT: The Belcourt Theater

Executive Director: Stephanie Silverman

When you hear the term Art House, what is the first thing you think of? Some theater showing artsy cult films that you have never heard of, right? Fortunately for Nashvillians, the Belcourt is an Art House, an educational center, and so much more.  Meet Stephanie Silverman with the Belcourt Theater. Stephanie moved to Nashville for love (her husband is a musician), and then fell in love with our city. She has been at her post as executive director for six years and enjoys what she does so much, she plans on staying! One thing Stephanie says people often forget, and some don’t even realize, is that the Belcourt is a non- profit organization supported by film-loving donors. This is a huge plus in that the Belcourt’s programming is driven by content, not commercial viability, like the big chain theaters around. The Belcourt hosts an active education program which includes a mobile movie theater program, a program that brings films to community centers and after-school programs. The Belcourt actively partners with the Martha O’Bryan Center and the Oasis Center, sharing age-appropriate films paired with activities (i.e. essay-writing) and guided discussions that serve as catalysts to spark conversation and deepen understanding about a wide range of topics. There are many exciting things coming up on the Belcourt calendar, including the April 26 opening on of “From Up on Poppy Hill,” the newest iconic films produced by Japan’s Studio Ghibli, renown for its outstanding animation. For adult audience, “Room 237” also opens on April 26. This documentary explores the many theories and themes of Stanley Kubrick’s famous film, “The Shining.” The Belcourt will also host a special screening of “Do the Right Thing” on April 27 that includes a pre-screening brunch and lecture from Vanderbilt’s Dr. Frank Dobson, director of the Bishop Joseph Johnson Black Cultural Center. How lucky are we to have such a treasure? Be sure and check out the Belcourt’s website for its film calendar of upcoming events, and its mission and very interesting history.  And don’t forget to like the theater on Facebook and follow it on Twitter.

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