Beaded Bungalow

LOCAL SPOTLIGHT: Beaded Bungalow

Owners: Phil & Victoria Lovett

In a retail culture that markets big business, it is refreshing to find those “mom and pop” shops built on the values of high quality products and authentic customer service. Meet Phil and Victoria Lovett, owners of the Beaded Bungalow, a local shop in the heart of Berry Hill that assists you with any jewelry-making project you may wish to undertake.

Main Image & SM ImageTwenty-five years ago, Phil and his wife Victoria were sitting at their dining room table, crafting jewelry with their daughter late into the night. Soon the family ritual grew into a business, and within two years, they were selling their jewelry to department stores. Two years after that, they began to sell the beads themselves, and started teaching classes in order to share their creative pastime with other interested parties. Today, their family business has grown into a beautiful shop in the heart of one of Nashville’s most historic villages, with a dazzling array of beads and jewelry that overwhelm patrons with their beauty.

For Phil, the most rewarding part of his work is the ability to partake in projects that inspire creativity and establishing personal connections with customers. “Being able to engage with different people in the whole creative process whether it’s assisting in a design, or helping someone find the right items for their particular project is so rewarding,” says Phil. Helping others discover their creative passion is what brings him and his wife the greatest fulfillment.

Screen Shot 2015-05-13 at 7.43.13 PMThe team at The Beaded Bungalow offers a wide range of services to suit any customer’s needs. If you are an expert jewelry maker you will be impressed with the collection of rare and unique beads that they have to offer. They also provide last-minute gifts and custom designs, as well as instructional classes for those interested in learning the craft. And if you need to fix your favorite piece of jewelry, Phil and Victoria also specialize in refurbishing and repairs! Whether you are totally new to jewelry making, searching for unique pieces, or are intrigued by the process, you can find what you are looking for at The Beaded Bungalow.

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