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President: Kalinda Fisher

Are you a business owner who is looking to better understand the needs and desires of your customers? Meet Kalinda Fisher, president of Advocate Market Research Bureau. As a sociologist, Kalinda’s thorough investigative research methods and keen understanding of our changing society helps businesses uncover the groundbreaking insights they need to reach their customers in the most effective ways possible.

When deciding between pursuing a PhD, or entering the job market to put her sociology degree into practice, Kalinda opted for the latter, with the aspiration to better represent the voices of today’s consumers. In 1998, she founded Advocate Market Research Bureau, combining effective market research and personalized attention to clients to help provide a true understanding of consumers’ needs and values.

“Anyone who offers a product or service to a consumer can benefit greatly from market research,” says Kalinda. “Effective market research helps businesses discover the true value in the voice of their consumers, a fundamental key to success in a service-based or product-based industry.”

Without a solid understanding of a consumer’s unique evolution, businesses become hard pressed to meet the standards of the present day. “It’s all about understanding that things constantly change – you have to catch people where they are today, not where they were yesterday or last year,” says Kalinda.

What sets Advocate Market Research Bureau apart from other research firms? With customized research services designed to answer your specific questions and Kalinda’s unique background in sociology, clients walk away with a truer picture of their consumers and the breakthrough insights they need to increase brand awareness and accelerate product innovation.

In a world where data has been more accessible and desirable than ever before, Kalinda prefers a more humanistic approach when it comes to research, the story behind the numbers. “I love to be in front of those people that you are trying to reach or help. It’s a powerful experience,” she says. “Sometimes companies forget that they need to listen to that person; it’s not all about data. We are dealing with real people and real stories.”

Are you ready to become the ‘voice’ of your consumer, and ultimately their ‘advocate? To learn more about Advocate Market Research Bureau and the services they offer visit their website at the link below and be sure to connect with Kalinda on Twitter!

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