We’ve all heard the old saying “Time waits for no man”. It’s the one constant in a world that is constantly changing. We all receive the same amount of time every day and the opportunity to spend it in ways that seem best to us. For the active and highly-successful person, it can be a big challenge to use your time in areas you are good at and still have some left over for relaxing and rejuvenating.

Julie Hullett, as a personal concierge, has made it her life’s business to help with that challenge. As a matter of fact, she considers what she does more of a vocation than a job, and loves the idea that she is helping to make other people’s lives better. She is dedicated to bringing her clients peace of mind, enabling them to focus on what they want to do, and enjoy doing, while she handles their day-to-day life management.

Julie has been in Nashville for many years and over time has built many working relationships here in the city. She has an arsenal of vendors, handymen, painters, and mechanics, so when things go wrong or a project needs to be completed, she can reach out to trusted business people to get clients’ needs met. Julie worked in the corporate world and she now uses all those developed skills to serve her clientele. She is efficient, pragmatic, caring, and has an eye for detail. It is a joy for her to be able to interact with people on a daily basis. That joy has helped her business grow organically to where it is today because her clients know Julie can handle their needs.

When Julie sits down with you during your initial consultation, one of the first questions she may ask you is “How do you want to feel when you walk in the door of your home at the end of the day?” From there, she plans a strategy with you to meet your goals. What are your greatest frustrations? What’s not getting done? What would you love to do if you just had a little bit more time? Do you feel like you need another set of hands, arms, or legs?

If it’s the daily household duties that are needing attention, Julie can jump in and get those marked off of your to-do list. She will shop for your groceries and see that they are delivered, even from a gourmet establishment, and if you want a meal from your favorite restaurant brought to you home, she will make it happen. Your appointments, dry-cleaning, and bill-paying can all be handled by her, and those items are time-consuming! If you need her to do a run to the post office, or take care of a return or exchange of purchases or gifts, she is happy to do that. And if someone needs to be available to meet the cable guy, never fear! She will be there! She also enjoys taking over home and office organization, if it will help you, including all correspondence and gifting.

When it comes to travel, although she is not a licensed travel agent, Julie is someone who can take care of you while you get where you need to be. She has a list of agents that she works with and can arrange flights, reserve cars, and find any type of accommodations you may want or need, whether it be for a personal or corporate trip. She will even travel for you if there is something that needs to be done that will require that extra set of hands or feet mentioned earlier.

And when you get back home? She offers a Welcome Home Package, which sets up your house for your return! The Welcome Home Package can include:

  • Making sure living conditions are normal; temperature is where you like it to be and mail is collected
  • Picking up delivered newspapers and rotating your lights on and off while she’s at your residence
  • Checking all locks and security systems/devices
  • Making sure all linen is clean, the fridge is well-stocked, and your favorite beverages are at hand

Julie Hullett Concierge also offers a wide range of personal shopping services. Whether you need help selecting the perfect outfit for an upcoming event or soiree, or you need to find a unique gift for a loved one, she will make sure you get the very best. Tell her what you need, and she will select and personally deliver the items right to your door. When it comes to back-to-school, Julie will take care of the hunt for school clothes or classroom items, whether it be for an elementary school student or for someone leaving for college. If you are bringing a new baby home, she can help to make that homecoming a stress-free event by making sure your home is completely ready you! And if there is a party or a birthday coming up, you can let her know, and a basket or floral arrangement that fits the occasion can be created and delivered in no time. You can even leave the decorating to her, if you like!

So as you can see, having Julie Hullett Household Management Services on your team can add hours to your days. Maybe time won’t wait for you, but now you won’t have to race to keep up!!

Contact her today if peace of mind is at the top of your to-do list!

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