That’s What Friends Are For

Connecting with friends and family over food and drink has always been important to us. Every society and belief system on earth has at least one annual celebration that revolves around getting together to enjoy good food with loved ones. As we, here in America, are getting ready to celebrate our own food-and-family-based holiday in November, let us also celebrate a group of folks who make it a point to do this all year round: the team at The Cookery.

In 2008, some friends got together and decided they were going to hold a Sunday service for the homeless. They gathered at the Holy Trinity Episcopal Church in downtown Nashville. They called it “Church In The Yard”, and meals were also provided for those that attended. The program grew over time to take in people overnight. They offered as many as 110 individuals a week hot meals and a safe place to lay their head. The ministry lasted for several years, until a sale of church property forced the ministry to close.

But the friends had another dream… to open a full-scale kitchen! In the summer of 2013, that dream became a reality, and The Cookery was born.

Serving breakfast, lunch and dinner daily keeps the Cookery team pretty busy, and they cater to the public as well. But that’s not all! The part of the project that has the most meaning for the Cookery family is the culinary school they run. The staff welcomes students, training them in culinary techniques and food safety. After graduation, these students are well-equipped for employment in Nashville’s booming food industry. And who are these students? Those who have been homeless at one time; maybe even just yesterday.

The Cookery is also affiliated with Lambscroft Ministries, a ministry established to help the needy and homeless in Nashville. All revenue The Cookery generates goes to cover cafe expenses and to Lambscroft Ministries’ programs, serving the homeless in Music City.

Between these two enterprises there’s a lot of love being spread around town.  Good food, helping hands, and a safe haven for those who need it…that’s what friends are for!


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