Soccer. Sleep-overs. Study. The school year is packed with to-dos and must-dos from the very first hectic day to the glorious release into the sunshine of the last day. Your family hits the ground running in the wee hours of the morning, and then falls into bed at night, sometimes much later than you know is healthy.

Having a second pair of hands to help you keep your household on a schedule that is beneficial for those you love can be invaluable. A personal concierge could be the perfect solution!

So your kindergartener needs to study sight words tonight, while your second-grader has soccer practice until the dinner hour? Or perhaps your middle schooler needs help in practicing his or her speech for English, while at the same time your high school student is begging to go out and practice driving this evening so that they can pass the permit test. The laundry has piled up (again), your Book Club meeting is tonight, and your spouse has to work late, so they can’t get the pizzas they had originally agreed to pick up and bring home….

Sound familiar? During the years that your children are in school, you are constantly challenged with the demands that belong to this time of life. You want your kids to get a good education and to enjoy life while doing so, and you give your all to that end. But your own life needs tending to, as well. It can seem like an unconquerable challenge at times.

Enter the personal concierge. The list of ways that your concierge can help you breathe is extensive. Laundry and dry cleaning can be picked up and taken to a dry cleaner that launders as well as doing dry cleaning and pressing your finer things, and then delivered back to you, clean and folded. Dinner can be ordered, picked up and delivered to the house, all while you’re watching your future soccer star shine on the pitch. Or perhaps one of your darlings has the lead part in a school play, and every family member is at different locations all around town; your concierge can help you get your loved ones to the performance on time.

While you are focusing on your children, you know that your own personal life needs attention. Date night is a must! Finding a reputable and trustworthy baby-sitter can be time-consuming; your personal concierge can do the legwork necessary to find the perfect person for the job. Shopping for gifts and ordering flowers for special occasions or to express love and appreciation for your significant other is yet another way a concierge can assist you in keeping your personal life balanced by nurturing your relationship with your life partner.

There are always going to be leaves to rake, driveways to re-pave, and gutters to clean. How did the windows get so dirty so fast? Cobwebs! Weeds! Muddy dog-prints on the carpet! With your personal concierge just a phone call away, you can rest a little easier and breathe deep, and know that it will all get done. And on graduation day you will be able to look back at all those school years and smile.

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