Graduation Event Coordination

High school and college students are ready to graduate, which means it’s time to celebrate all the accomplishments that led to this milestone! If you have a child, relative, or friend who is graduating, you may be thinking of throwing an unforgettable party to celebrate this noteworthy occasion, but maybe you don’t know where to start. You are busy and you don’t have time to handle all of the details necessary to make this occasion a success, so who can you turn to?


Putting together a memorable event that will leave attendees raving about it for weeks afterwards can take hours of planning. Why not leave the coordination of your special events to a professional who has established connections with the people and resources that can make a graduation celebration a truly special occasion? A personal concierge can take the pressure off, gifting you with the time to enjoy the journey and to spend time with your guests. If you think the only place a concierge works is in an upscale hotel, then you are in for a pleasant surprise!


A personal concierge helps people like you – people who have so much to do, but not enough time to do it all in. Do you need help locating a party venue, sending out invitations, putting together a brunch menu or decorating the party site? Your personal concierge can help you accomplish any of these tasks. Not only that, but you might need some ideas for party themes. Maybe you would like for the graduation party to be more than a simple gathering with finger foods. Your personal concierge might suggest something different, like a brunch or taking the honoree and a group of his or her friends to an interesting destination.


If you can imagine it, a personal concierge can make it a reality. He or she can help you organize and host the perfect party, brunch or dinner. Leave the entire job to your concierge. The only thing you will need to do is come prepared to enjoy the fun and bask in all of the compliments you will receive from your honoree and your guests regarding how wonderfully your event turned out!


If you’re looking for a personal concierge in Nashville, Tennessee to help plan and execute your future graduation event, reach out to Julie Hullett Concierge, LLC today and get the conversation started!

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