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Five Ways a Personal Concierge Can Complement Your Life

You work hard. You put your all into what you do – your creations, obligations, and responsibilities – into meeting your personal and professional goals. You’ve reached a level of success that you can be proud of, and you should be. You’ve earned that right.

But success comes with a price, and the price many times can be that there just don’t seem to be enough hours in a day. Because, if you had more time, you’d play hard, too, as the saying goes, but more time isn’t something you have a lot of in the style of life you lead. Finding that perfect balance between work and play is so important to health and happiness, and it can be one of life’s biggest challenges.

Perhaps it’s time you considered engaging a personal concierge to help you find those precious extra minutes and hours that oftentimes are so scarce? Bringing someone into your picture that is experienced in lifestyle management might just be the best thing you do for yourself and your loved ones this year. Below is a list of five excellent reasons to consider hiring a personal concierge.

1. Time

A personal concierge can help you with errands, projects, home maintenance, relocation management, or vacation. Having someone handling your concerns will alleviate stress, allow you to bring a better balance to your world, and enable you to focus on your highest priorities. Getting stuff done buys you time that belongs to you, and to you alone.

Time… for that long and leisurely vacation you’ve been dreaming about. To sample the newest restaurant in town and maybe catch a showcase of that musician you’ve keeping an eye on. To be able to go to every single ball game this season, in person. To grill out with friends, try that wine you’ve been saving, read the bestseller everyone’s talking about… or maybe just sit and do nothing! To just breathe. If any of this resonates with you, you may want to seriously consider a concierge as someone who could help you add the finishing touches to your life.

2. Trust

Perhaps you lead a high-profile lifestyle, and privacy and safety are of the utmost concern for you. Maybe the level of success you have achieved has allowed you to enjoy many of the finer things in life. In these instances, a concierge that has extensive experience in privacy protection and who has earned a reputation of complete trust will be able to bring you and your loved ones peace of mind. Knowing that your most intimate concerns and details are being handled by someone of integrity is priceless.

In pursuit of your career goals, it sometimes becomes necessary to make changes, both personal and geographical. A concierge who specializes in corporate relocation management can be a huge asset and support in those times. Your personal concierge can handle all the practical details that can burn so many hours while you focus on your career shift and loved ones. Having that “right hand” person in your life could save you a great amount of time and energy, allowing you to protect your inner resources that will be so needed for the tasks ahead.

3. Touch 

A lot of thought, time, and hard work has gone into establishing the life you enjoy today. The public image you project is intentional and very important to your way of life. A concierge who understands this and respects what you have created will partner closely with you in protecting that image, and will provide you with a seamless shaping of your days. Finding a concierge that is dedicated to providing a very personal touch will help you to maintain the uniqueness and individuality of your world. Your personal concierge would be able to manage your affairs and brand just the way you would and would ensure that all your concerns are managed quickly and efficiently.

4. Talent

The perfect, personal concierge can guard your world with polished and sophisticated style. She/he is experienced in lifestyle management by handling all your to-do list(s) so you don’t have to. Whether it’s planning that sumptuous vacation, organizing a party, scheduling appointments, or making sure an antique chair is repaired, your concierge can step in and take care of your needs.

A concierge skilled in corporate event management is a great asset for those in the business world. The intricate and sometimes complicated details that come with planning such an event would be handled in a competent and efficient manner while you are focusing on content and the larger goals, the “big picture”, ensuring that your event will be a great success and will meet all of your projected goals.

5. Tested

The personal concierge that would best suit your needs as a focused and successful person would certainly be one that has a high level of experience and a respected reputation for excellence, integrity, and ability. You have made it your life’s work to build something worthwhile, and you deserve to enjoy the support of someone who has made it their own life’s work to help you continue to succeed and excel. And to do that, above all, with style and panache!

Julie Hullett, Concierge, LLC @ juliehullett.com worked in the corporate world for many years, and fully understands the pressures and concerns of busy and successful people. She makes it her business to handle yours, so that you can focus on those things that are most important to you.

“Working with Julie is a terrific experience. She is precise, committed and passionate about doing her best for you. It allows you to focus your free time where you want and makes life better all around.” -Molly C

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