Corporate Move Management

If I asked you to create a list of tasks least liked by corporate administrators and officers, how high do you think “relocation” would rank? Moving is not normally listed as a stress-free way to spend time and relocating for business can be even more difficult. Why not avoid that stress altogether and have a corporate concierge handle your relocation? Although some executives prefer to make their own arrangements, an experienced concierge has links and knowledge that can ease corporate relocation anywhere. Here are three valuable benefits of having a concierge that you may not have considered!




A concierge’s job is designed to provide support and services to clients at all levels, and especially busy executives. Understanding what is needed and how to find it is an essential part of the job description for a competent concierge. Storing, retrieving, and using key information makes the corporate concierge essential during relocation. Few people know as much about a location, a business, or the community as a well-prepared concierge.




Coordinating an extensive range of services is another facet of the concierge position. This person is likely to know or find the best companies to call for moving, storage, renovation, cleaning, decorating, and more! When corporate personnel are reorganizing job-sites and workloads, your concierge is working for you. A concierge can also handle family moving support. This includes finding information about schools, medical services, and other services.




Move management is a skill. To facilitate a smooth transition not only for business executives but for their family members, a concierge is your best option. An experienced concierge can arrange a stress-free relocation for everyone involved. They handle time-consuming details so you can focus on priority issues during  relocation. An organized concierge is the difference between a speedy, well-organized move and one that crawls along at a snail’s pace.


Successful, busy people appreciate the assistance of a professional concierge. Someone who can help to reduce relocation anxiety and ensure that the moving process proceeds smoothly and on time. Trusting relocation to an expert with knowledge and experience can lead to a faster, more productive transfer. Don’t try to handle it alone! A concierge is the natural go-to resource for orchestrating an important relocation or transfer.

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