In the corporate world, bringing people together is an important part of a successful business practice. Email and Skype are effective ways of communicating and brainstorming on smaller tasks. You may even be able to get by with smaller numbers of people, but when sharing information needs to happen on a larger scale, an event needs to happen.

The logistics, planning, organizing, and travel planning can be overwhelming. Pair that with the responsibility of content development, scheduling speakers and extending invitations. Oh, and let’s not forget the arrangement and setup of necessary tech equipment. Your to-do list can get pretty long.

Make your conference or event a total success with the help of a personal concierge! An experienced concierge will take complete responsibility, executing the tasks and projects needed. Think it might be time to consider enlisting the aid of a personal concierge? Here are a few of the ways that your concierge can make your corporate event a memorable experience for everyone involved:

From organizing the hotel and travel arrangements to greeting each attendee on arrival, your concierge will ensure your guests settle in comfortably. The concierge can also be the perfect initial contact and guide for your guests. In establishing that white-glove relationship, she/he will be the go-to for everyone in attendance. Your concierge can troubleshoot and handle mishaps for you, should there be any. Your guests won’t be able to stop talking about the high level of care and personal attention they received!

Holding your event in another city? Your concierge can travel with you and assist or travel ahead of you to get processes in place before you even arrive.

Food and drink will need to be available for your guests during meetings or classes. Your concierge can handle that for you too. Imagine walking into your meeting room and seeing that it has been completely set up. Picture elegant side tables complete with snacks, drinks, flowers, silverware and linen. Your event will be memorable for its class and organization and you will have your concierge to thank for the lack of stress on your part!

That same personal concierge can be invaluable by being a liaison for any IT staff you may be using. You won’t need to worry about sound systems, microphones or video equipment. Your personal concierge will be there to ensure that the proper equipment has been ordered and is in place. All equipment and sound checks will be completed before the doors open. Your concierge will ensure that there won’t be any unnecessary, embarrassing equipment failures once the event begins!

The list of benefits received from bringing a personal concierge onto your team is extensive. Their help can be enlisted in any area you need. An experienced and seasoned personal concierge is someone who is flexible, expects the unexpected, remains calm and confident in the face of mishaps and will help to make your event one that everyone will enjoy. Even you!


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