With a booming economy and one of the lowest unemployment rates anywhere, Nashville is a great place to be a small business owner these days. Not only do Nashville residents excel musically and artistically; apparently they’re pretty good at the entrepreneur thing too and those abilities are bringing us national attention as a great place to invest time and resources. In 2014, the U.S. Small Business Administration chose Nashville as one of only six cities in the country that would open a Women’s Business Center. That Center is the Pathway Women’s Business Center and the center is bringing success to small business owners across Music City.

In 2016 alone, Pathway WBC helped Nashville female entrepreneurs start 45 new businesses, adding 69 new jobs to the city’s employment landscape. The WBC envisions opening up even more opportunities and possibilities in the future through their people, their partnerships and their programming, ensuring that women business owners always have a resource enabling women to turn those possibilities into realities.

The Pathway WBC is a division of Pathway Lending, which in turn is a private non-profit organization; its mission is to provide lending solutions and educational services that support the development, growth, and preservation of under-served small businesses, affordable housing, and sustainable communities. The Center helps business  people assess where they are and then assists them in creating a plan for success in a supportive, community-driven environment.  

The Pathway Women’s Business Center provides a unique combination of resources – not just access to capital, but access to education too. Small business owners or those at the beginning of the business-owner journey can jump in at any time and attend one of the WBC’s Blue Sky classes, or for a really fun experience, join the WBC for Power Surge – a Pathway WBC signature event coming up this October 26. The keynote speaker will be  Norma Paz, entrepreneur and founder of Las Paletas, and she will be sharing her business journey with those who attend the event. There are multiple events popping up every week and you can stay up-to-date on all their offerings here.

Do you know anyone who dreams of being a #BossBabe? Or someone who has a super cool business idea that would be perfect for Nashville, but lacks capital or maybe the know-how necessary to get it off the ground? Or maybe you are acquainted with someone who isn’t committed yet and just wants to explore the idea of entrepreneurship? Pathway WBC provides resources for people to use for research, exploration, or answers to tough questions.

Perhaps you are a business owner yourself, and you have some stories or pointers that you would like to share with those just starting out. It can be very rewarding helping others avoid unnecessary mistakes, and sharing the knowledge that you have gained by working hard and achieving your business goals. The Women’s Business Center is always looking for people who would like to mentor others.  If you feel you would like to share your business acumen with other like-minded people, please contact Pathway Lending’s Women’s Business Center and get involved!


Learn more at https://www.pathwaywbc.org/.

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